Friday, April 8, 2011

New Post! :)

Yes, I'm a slacker! I realize I haven't updated my blog in two months...but I've been kind of over my blog lately. Sorry! :)

Things have been going well and we've been pretty busy lately. I'm so glad spring is finally here. This winter was just AWFUL!!! I can't believe Bailey will be THREE at the end of May! Time is flying by. We're really working on potty training...and it hasn't been going so well. I have a very stubborn little girl! Anyway, Michael has been busy with work and enjoying it as much as possible... Oh yeah, I do have to brag on him. He as been named Chief Cardiology Fellow. It's a huge honor and I'm so proud of him. Other than that, we did buy a new car last week. We finally said good ridance to his 98 Civic!!! We purchased a 2011 Honda CR-V and I love it! I keep busy by being a gym rat these days. :) I don't know what I did before I joined the gym- I just love it! Bailey and I keep busy with playdates with our friends. We have truly been blessed with making so many amazing friends. Bailey and Adelyn hiding from us! Watching Annie together. Bailey's FAVORITE movie of all time! She can see the entire "Tomorrow" is precious! I know what she's going to be for Halloween!
Crusin' in the Barbie car.
Bailey and Adeleigh at the park eating lunch together.
The girls and Eli feeding the ducks.

We went home last weekend and I got to babysit Carney (Caroline) for a while. I was getting ready and I covered her up to watch "Mickey Mouse." Love love love my Carney!
The Three Amigos with glow sticks MiMi gave them.
Where's Bailey and Caroline???
There they are! They love playing in Max's bed!
My new ride. :)
Bailey getting fitted for her flower girl dress. She just LOVED getting all dressed up. She's saying, "CHEESE!"
She felt like she needed her glasses on while she ate dinner.
Bailey and Logan checking out "big girl" panties.
They could've stayed in this aisle forever!
Hand in hand shopping at Target.
Michael and Roscoe. We were at our friends house in Bowling Green for the weekend and their dog is awesome!
Playing so well together. :)
Bailey and Baby Looooogan as Bailey calls her. Two little monkeys!
Lovin' the slide on this pretty spring day.
Bailey, Miss Rena and Charlie. Rena is one of my dear and close friends I've made here in Lexington. We're gym rats together. So sad that they're leaving for Raleigh in July. :(
Bailey loved this jungle gym!
Me, Bailey and Addison (and Miss Shay) having our first playdate outside of the season! Addison is pretty much my second her to pieces!
Of course they found the big pile of dirty leaves!
Miss Kelsey (one of her teachers and our babysitter) sent this pic to me of Bailey at school. Having fun with a scarf!
My sick little girl. About a month ago she had the croup and then a sinus infection. She was one sick baby...and you know this by her sleeping in the car. That never happens! Thankfully, she's all better. :)


Meredith said...

So happy to see new pictures! Glad you're still alive and well up there in KY!

The Laney Family said...

love the new post! looking foward to getting out more! looks like ya'll have been having fun!