Friday, October 30, 2009

Supper Club Cutie Pies

Tonight Michael and I hosted our monthly neighborhood supper club. We had to take a few pics of the sweet baby girls all dressed for Halloween! (Actually, I had to change Bailey in her Halloween dress because she wasn't festive like the rest!) Ellie, Bailey, Caroline, and Ruby (our newest edition!)
How cute are they!?!

Bailey and Ellie playing "peek-a-boo"- hilarious!

Amanda and Ruby- 8 weeks old today!

Aunt Katie and Caroline and Aunt Ashley and Bailey
Bailey kept begging Ashley to pick her up and hold her all night long. At one point she was screaming bloody murder for her! Now that's a change for once! :)

The girls eating their chicken patties, corn, peas and grapes. Yum! Yum!

Miss Bailey loves "cheesing" for the camera these days.

Bailey eating candy corn. Is that wrong? :)

Bailey's all dressed up for her second doctor's appointment in 11 days! Her ear infection is not yet gone. However, the hole in her eardrum is healed. She's now on another antibiotic for the next 10 days....again. I have a feeling tubes are in our future!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

JCRMA Halloween Party

It's been a while since my last post. Last week...well...almost two weeks ago now...Bailey and I went to Paducah for the week. My parents were on fall break so Bailey got a lot of Mimi and Granddaddy time! We also spent a lot of time with Laura, Max and Caroline...who were so sick the entire week! I knew since they were sick, Bailey was going to get sick. Sure enough, by Friday Bailey's nose was running...and here we go! Over the weekend she was fussy and had a low grad fever and this past Tuesday morning she woke up and had blood coming out of her ear. You guessed it, another ear infection! So, we've pretty much been hold up in our house this past week. She's feeling a lot better and we actually got to go to JCRMA's Halloween Party, which was so much fun! She dressed up as a pink poodle...of course! Oh yeah, and Mimi also got Bailey to finally start wearing bows! :) However, if you don't watch her, she'll pull them out! She's a little tomboy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Fun!

We really haven't been up to much since coming home from vacation. Michael has been off a lot due to his "easy" rotation. :) We've been enjoying doing things as a family and spending quality time together. However, as of this past Friday, we're back to reality. Michael's on call every 4th night. Boo!