Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip to McWane Center!

Last week Robin and I took Bailey and Anna to the McWane Science Center. Bailey and I had never been before and it was so much fun! As you can imagine, Bailey was EVERYWHERE! She had such a good time and we hope to go back soon! I'm a puppy dog!

Anna & Bailey playing with the Legos.

Bailey doesn't realize it yet, but she's going to go to college on a golf scholarship. (If her daddy has anything to do with it!)

Flippin' & floppin' on the mats

Hopping out of a car

Running everywhere on the miniature golf course.

Hanging out in the bus

Collecting her groceries at the store- so neat!

Driving the cool car!

You can't see this, but she is "cheezing" at a little boy!

Jumped off this thing about 500 hundred times!

Sweet Anna & Bailey having such a good time playing together.

Watching the bubble float up in this cool tank.


Enjoying all of the neat fish.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Party

Last weekend we had a little Valentine's Party with our little Valentine's! They had fun playing together and eating some great snacks. Thank you Kim for such a wonderful party!
I know I haven't blogged in a while, but things have been pretty busy. Two weekends ago we travelled to Lexington to house hunt. Being back in Lexington felt a little like much as I really hate to say and admit it! (Birmingham still really feels like home!) We did find a house...well not really a house...we found a lot to build a house. We actually have signed a contract and put down some earnest money on a lot. However, this is all contingent on selling our house here. We are just praying and trusting in the Lord that everything will work out...which it will....because God is in control!
The house selling has been VERY slow!!! We've only had one showing, but we did have an open house where 5 couples came. Nothing has come out of that though. We're just WAITING and PRAYING that it sells quickly.
Other than that, Michael's been working and moonlighting like crazy! Bailey and I have been keeping busy with playdates, shopping, Kid's Gym and Wednesday morning Bible study at Briarwood. One thing is for sure, we have been so blessed with greatest friends in the world!
Some of the JCRMA Mom's & Tot crew with their kiddos.

Bailey couldn't wait to come and play with her Valentine, Jack!

All of the kiddos playing away.

Bailey munchin' on some crackers and apple.

Mommy & Bailey...I wish she didn't look so happy! :)

Excuse me, I'm trying to eat!

Bailey, Anna, Jack and either Sydney or Savannah. (Can't tell them apart!)

Having a snack on mommy's bed after her nap. She and Tito enjoy snacks together everyday!
Pardon her nice hairdo.