Saturday, September 19, 2009

More beach pics!

We had a great time in Destin. Overall, the weather was great...with the exception of two days. Bailey loved the oceon and the pool! We are so thankful and blessed that we were able to take a much needed family vacation this year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day at the Beach!

Bailey doesn't like the beach...she LOVES the beach! She ran 90 mph to the ocean when we let her down. I've never seen a baby that loved the ocean as much as she does! She fell and swallowed more water than I could count...but that didn't matter to her! She was giggling and smiling the entire time. So much for a relaxing day at the beach though! I'm sure we gave everyone good entertainment while our wild woman was on the loose.
We are having a great time in Destin. They are calling for storms all week- so I'm hoping they're wrong. Tonight we ate at The Donut Hole and it was delicious! I may gain 10 pounds by the end of the week!

We had the pool all to ourselves. No one is here!
As you can see the crowds are small! This is a great time to vacation- feels kind of weird with no crowds.

Going a little stir crazy!

This past week Bailey was still getting over her sickness and I was fighting it! We pretty much stayed in the house so she would be well for our trip to Florida! By the end of the week we both were going stir crazy...but it was lots of fun hanging out with my baby girl. Bailey's cousin, Ben, gave her her first "Build-A-Bear"- Emily. So sweet! They came for a quick weekend visit.
Making one heck of a mess with spaghetti!

Do I have something on my face? :)

Tito reaping the benefits of Bailey trying to eat with a fork! He was licking her legs and she was laughing and saying, "Puppy, puppy." Too cute!

Bad hair day! She's mommy's little helper though!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

15 Months Old!

Sorry there's no picture this time...been a little lazy in this area lately. Bailey went for her "well child" doctor's appointment on Monday....and that was an experience! Anyway, Bailey didn't get to get her shots that day because she had a fever. :( We didn't realize until Wednesday that she had "hand, foot & mouth disease." She's okay- just been a little cranky and has little blisters all over her hands and feet. I'll take her back next week for her shots- oh boy! However, she did get weighed and measured... At 15 months she's only 19 lbs., 4 oz! Not even 20 pounds yet!!! The doctor looked at me and said we have to wait at least one more month before I can turn her around in her carseat. Too late! And yes, I fessed up that we'd already done it and she wasn't very happy. I told her I "may" turn it back around. (not going to though) Any she measured 30 inches long. So, she's in the 5th percentile for weight and 30th percentile for height. I'm trying to feed her anything and everything to eat, but she's a picky eater just like her mama! :)

On to the next subject, many of you know we have a peeping tom in our neighborhood. Not going into detail about the creep right now...but he was back out again tonight...and it was only 8:30! A neighbor chased after him, but he got away. I'm asking for you to pray for us and our safety. This guy obviously has no limits and we're fearful of what he could do. Hopefully he'll get caught soon. Michael and some of the other neighbors have been staking out the neighborhood at night in an attempt to catch the creep! Please pray he gets caught!!! I'm tired of living in fear of this creep.