Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Been a While!

Well, I totally STINK at keeping my blog updated! I had a little prodding from one of my besties to get my blog updated ASAP! ;) So, I don't really know where to start because a lot has gone on since I last updated. But, here it goes. (Please overlook my grammar, run-on sentences...and anything else that a college graduate should know better! This blog post turned into a book!)

I want to start off by saying that sometimes I'm really turned off by blogs because every one's life seems "too perfect" and it sometimes makes me sick. However, I will say that this is going to be one of those blog posts... Currently, the Faulkner family is doing amazingly well and we have been blessed beyond measure. I honestly don't know if I've ever been this happy, satisfied, and loving life as much as I do right now. All I know is the Lord has his hand on us and has been oh so good to us!

So, here's the past few months in a nutshell... This summer we did a lot of swimming. Lexington has great pools that are kid friendly and clean. Bailey loves the water and I'm hopeful she'll be swimming on her own next summer! We took Bailey to see "Barney Live" at Rupp Arena in June. Let me tell you, she loved it, but Michael and I HATED it. It was one of the most painful things I've ever had to sit through. Ugh...never again! Michael and I took a trip to Birmingham for our friend's wedding, Elizabeth and Walt Doty. My parents kept Bailey so Michael and I could go down and enjoy ourselves. We had a great time visiting with friends, but most of all, we enjoyed spending quality time together...because that NEVER happens. We also celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in July. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband and daddy to B!:) Bailey did a 5 week summer school session at church. She had THE BEST teacher for that session. We will never forget Ms. Joni and I hope and pray Bailey is fortunate enough to get her next year in 4K preschool. Bailey is now fully potty trained. I swear to you, I thought this would NEVER happen. She had some issues going on that made it difficult, but with time and good advice from her doctor, she finally got it! We also finally converted Bailey's crib to a big-girl bed. I only did this because she mastered jumping out of her crib. I would've seriously kept her in her crib until she was 10 if she allowed it. However, she's doing great in her bed and we haven't really had any issues at all! We rewarded her with a trip to Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey circus in August. It was an amazing show...I think Michael and I liked it more than she did!

This August Bailey started 3K preschool at Southland, our church. She has wonderful teachers and Bailey loves going to school. They are already "trying" to teach her handwriting! They are doing the "Handwriting Without Tears" program. This has been kind of challenging...she's only 3! Anyway, Bailey has also started gymnastics. She loves it and it's perfect for her and all of her energy! She's in the "Lil Foals" class and we go each Monday. She's currently working on her back bend and cartwheel. :) Not sure yet if she's the next Mary Lou...the verdict is still out! haha!

I have been keeping very busy myself. First of all, FRIENDS, blessed beyond measure to have so many great friends! I can't imagine life without a support system of great girl friends! I'm still going to the gym almost every single day and LOVE it! My obsession in spinning! It's the most torturous workout ever, but it is also the best workout ever! I'm addicted...but I guess it could be worse! :) I've started teaching Sunday School at church. I'm teaching the four-year old class and we have between 50-60 kids during my hour. CRAZINESS!!! I'm still involved in HMA (Housestaff Medical Alliance). I'm on the children's committee and help plan events each month. I'm also in a group called "MUMS" at church (Moms Understanding Moms). This just started at the beginning of the month and I love it. We meet every other Thursday and they also have childcare. We eat, talk about mom stuff, have speakers, worship, and build community within our group. I'm going on a retreat at the end of October in Gatlinburg with the group and I'm super excited! I'm also in Side by Side. This is a Bible study group of resident, fellow and attending wives. We meet every other Tuesday and are currently studying the book of Ruth. I love this group of ladies and the fellowship and support it has given me.

Michael has been doing well. Thank goodness I have all of the mentioned above to keep me busy because daddy is NEVER home. He's had a horrible first three months in terms of busy rotations. He's been on the CCU, Cath Lab, and Night float...which are the three worst rotations..and he's had them back to back! Poor babe, he's doing well though. He needs sleep, and a lot of it! I'm so thankful I have such a hard-working husband who allows me to stay at home and raise our daughter. I can't imagine having to miss these important early years of her life...and I owe it all to Michael for allowing me to stay home. I love you! :)

Well, this is probably the worst written blog you've ever read. I tried to be quick and to the point. Oh yeah, another MAJOR big sister, Amy, finally got married!!!! She has a wonderful new husband, Mark, and is a now a step-mother to Morgan and Blake...two amazing kiddos! The wedding was great and they are now happily married! (Michael and I took a trip to the beach too, but I'll make that a separate post.) Thanks for reading this book!