Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stir Crazy!

Yes, I'm going stir crazy! It started snowing on Sunday night and we got about 5 inches...on top of the other four we already had! Then, late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning morning it started ICING! Bailey was out of school on Monday and Tuesday, but went on Wednesday. She doesn't go on Thursday or Friday's, but we usually go to the gym and she has a blast. However, since the schools are closed because of the ice, the gym has no childcare! So, we've literally been held up in our house all week long with the exception of Wednesday. Bailey and I are losing our minds, but we're trying to make the best of it! At least we're all healthy, have a nice warm house, and lucky enough to be able to stay home with her! I've been trying to keep her busy and not watch Barney 24/7! Ahhhh!!!! Did I mention I'm ready to move back down South!?!?! The snow was all pelted down by the ice. It was slick as snot! Michael slid down the driveway on his rear tonight to get the mail out of the mailbox.

Whoever said that making cookies with a 2 1/2 year old was a good idea is CRAZY! She loved it, but about drove me nutty with the mess she was making.

Having sooo much fun! She kept saying "I do that" and "Mommy, go over there." She didn't want me to help.

Using a cookie cutter for the first time.

The final product. I didn't get a picture of the cookie she decorated...just use your imagination! I iced the cookies on the left (for the most part) and Michael iced the ones on the right. Of course his look a lot better than mine do! He's an artist, I'm not! And yes, that's an ugly Mayfield Cardinal on one of the cookies! The rivalry continues.

Earlier in the day. Again, WHY do I let her paint? She was painting herself instead of the paper. The girl loves to get dirty and make messes!

Um sister, what's on your face???

Oh good, she rubbed her eye with her painted hand! Nice. And yes, she stayed in her pj's all day. Why get dressed...we weren't going anywhere. :)

Bailey and Miss Kelsey! This was B on Wednesday when I picked her up from school. They had pajama day and Bailey picked out Dora pj's to wear. Miss Kelsey is one of Bailey's teachers at school, as well as her babysitter. We love her!

These pictures are of a gymnastics playdate last Friday...before all of the major snow.
Bailey, Jean-Paul and Miss Moira. Bailey LOVES to swing on the bars.

Future gymnasts? I think so. Forget ballet...this is more her high energetic style!

Lovin' the rings.

She loved this blowup track. She ran and jumped her heart out!

My little monkey

Not still a second!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season of Parties and Snow!

A little explanation about the previous post: I did it for a Shutterfly promotion. If you made a blog entry about their Christmas cards then they would send you a promo code for 50 free Christmas cards. I couldn't pass that up- it saved me at least $100!
This past weekend Michael and I went to the Gill Heart Christmas party. We got to wine and dine with our friends, as well as some of the top Cardiologists in the country. It was a really nice evening and we had a lot of fun. We are so thankful to have found a great babysitter too! She is one of Bailey's teachers at preschool and she is just wonderful! Bailey loves her and seems to do really well.
Also, this past weekend it snowed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. YUCK! I am sooo over this weather already. This is exactly why I didn't want to move back here...but what's a spouse to do! :) We didn't let Bailey play in it because she had a bit of a runny nose and it was a really wet snow. They're calling for more snow this weekend, so maybe she'll have another chance. Oh boy! First family pic in a long time!

These are some of our really good friends we've made in Lex. Blury pic, we didn't know how to work our camera. We had a yummy dinner and THE BEST desserts ever!

Eric and Shay trying to working through the "12 Days of Christmas" for a prize. It was funny because we were all singing it at the table trying to figure it out.

Cal & Adair enjoying a night out from their month old twins!

Me and my wonderful husband.

Shay and I. Love her to pieces!

Adair and I. Love her to pieces too!

The Cardiology spouses except the second girl on the right- she's a third year Cards fellow (Andrea) and the girl on the end next to her (Lacey) is a cards nurse practioner.

Margaret & Joe. Such a sweet couple!

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning. We got a whole lot more snow than this b/c it snowed all weekend! I HATE HATE HATE snow! :)

Bailey being a con-artist. At night right before bed she'll either get in my lap or Michael's lap and cover up with her blanket and watch tv with us. She knows EXACTLY what she's doing. It has worked b/c we love cuddling with her. If you know Bailey, you know she NEVER sits still or wants to cuddle. Always on the go and into something!

Bailey enjoying the snow. This was the Thursday BEFORE the big snow. We were in Wal-Mart for an hour and came out and our car was covered. We had thrown away our ice scrapers and shovels when we moved to B' I had to scrape the snow off with a magazine! How "southern" is that?!?! We now own a shovel and two ice scapers, I will say. :)

Bailey stylin' in mommy's rain/snow boots.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shutterfly gets my business!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away! Where did 2010 go!?! The Christmas season always brings busy schedules, shopping, wrapping presents, parties, spending time with family and friends, and of course, Christmas cards!!! This year the Faulkner family will be using Shutterfly to help with the creation of the perfect Christmas card. I have been on Shutterfly's website and have found TONS of cute and classy cards. I think I've narrowed it down to one...but I can't share that with you or it will ruin the surprise! :)

I'm always so relieved at how easy it is to use Shutterfly. They give you step-by-step instructions, and it's pretty much fool-proof. I'm always so thrilled at how all of my creations have turned out with Shutterfly. Last year I made my parents calendars with pictures of Bailey, Max, and Caroline on it. They loved it...and so of course, they'll be getting one again this year! I also created a book documenting Bailey's birth. It starts out with a picture of me and Michael telling our parents we're pregnant, to me in the hospital, to Bailey being born and her NICU stay, and then finally her homecoming. I will always cherish that book and plan to make many more "memory" books with Shutterfly.

If you haven't checked out Shutterfly lately you should visit the following sites:

We are very excited to complete our Christmas cards and get them mailed out! Shutterfly always has a fast turn around time, so you have plenty of time to create one too!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Fall!

I guess it's time for my monthly post! :) Bailey is talking non-stop these days and says the funniest things! She LOVES going to school and to church. Michael and I finally got a couple of babysitters so we could have some time away from our little munchkin. We finally got involved with a small group in our church...aka "life group." We went to a Chris Tomlin concert an it was AMAZING! We could've listened to him sing all night! Michael was on vacation these last two weeks. We had big plans of painting some rooms in our house...but that didn't happen because we all got nasty colds! So, we pretty much laid around miserable together. However, we're all better now and life is good! I'm finally getting content with my life here in Lexington and realizing this is exactly where God wants us to be! Who can argue with that!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Punkin' Patch

This morning Michael and I took Bailey to Boyd Orchard in Versailles. On the way out to the orchard we passed beautiful horse farms and Bailey loved seeing the pretty horses. We met up with our good friends, the Wallace's, and Bailey had a blast with her buddy, Addison. Perfect "punkin" pickin' weather!
She loved sitting on the pumpkins. That couldn't be comfortable!

B and Addison have a wonderful time together.

The girls and their daddy's.

Wagon ride...that lasted all of two seconds!

Up the haystacks she goes...again and again.

She loved this slide.

There she goes again!

Fun pirate ship

Sliding down a tunnel

The corn maze

Having a blast!

Bailey LOVED this donkey...and I think the donkey loved her.

Can we take him home mommy? Daddy loves him too!!!

My new buddy. He smiled for his picture!

Fun day at the farm!

Bailey found the bunco crown and boa. My little princess.

Cousins = TROUBLE! :)

At the Grumley's for a bonfire cookout. We roasted hot dogs and had smores. Fun night!

Little Diva playing soccer in her dress-up shoes.

Cousins Cole and Gage came for a visit. She calls them "ColeGage."