Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Fall!

I guess it's time for my monthly post! :) Bailey is talking non-stop these days and says the funniest things! She LOVES going to school and to church. Michael and I finally got a couple of babysitters so we could have some time away from our little munchkin. We finally got involved with a small group in our church...aka "life group." We went to a Chris Tomlin concert an it was AMAZING! We could've listened to him sing all night! Michael was on vacation these last two weeks. We had big plans of painting some rooms in our house...but that didn't happen because we all got nasty colds! So, we pretty much laid around miserable together. However, we're all better now and life is good! I'm finally getting content with my life here in Lexington and realizing this is exactly where God wants us to be! Who can argue with that!


Meredith said...

So glad to hear you're feeling more settled and at peace with being there. We miss you here though!

hughesfamily said...

She is such an artist!