Saturday, October 2, 2010

Punkin' Patch

This morning Michael and I took Bailey to Boyd Orchard in Versailles. On the way out to the orchard we passed beautiful horse farms and Bailey loved seeing the pretty horses. We met up with our good friends, the Wallace's, and Bailey had a blast with her buddy, Addison. Perfect "punkin" pickin' weather!
She loved sitting on the pumpkins. That couldn't be comfortable!

B and Addison have a wonderful time together.

The girls and their daddy's.

Wagon ride...that lasted all of two seconds!

Up the haystacks she goes...again and again.

She loved this slide.

There she goes again!

Fun pirate ship

Sliding down a tunnel

The corn maze

Having a blast!

Bailey LOVED this donkey...and I think the donkey loved her.

Can we take him home mommy? Daddy loves him too!!!

My new buddy. He smiled for his picture!

Fun day at the farm!

Bailey found the bunco crown and boa. My little princess.

Cousins = TROUBLE! :)

At the Grumley's for a bonfire cookout. We roasted hot dogs and had smores. Fun night!

Little Diva playing soccer in her dress-up shoes.

Cousins Cole and Gage came for a visit. She calls them "ColeGage."

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