Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pics of House

Katie, these are for you. :) I FINALLY took pics of our new house for everyone to see. They aren't the greatest quality b/c I took them with my iPhone, but they'll do! Also, my house isn't completley picked up and nice and neat. (just a warning) We are really enjoying our house, but we have a lot we still want to do to paint, landscape, buy a new bedspread, patio furniture...etc. I wish money grew on trees! They forgot to plant one of those trees in our backyard! ;) Please come for a visit anytime in Bluegrass Country!
Master bedroom. Please don't look at my awesome bedspread. ha! And yep, there she is, my ever so faithful treadmill!

The double doors are Michael's closet. I have the walk-in closet off of our bathroom.

Master bath. Potty is in a little room off the the left all by itself...which is nice!

Hall bath- aka Bailey's bathroom

Guest bedroom with the huge king size bed...per my mom's request.

Bailey's room

Nice size storage attic off of B's bedroom and her closet is to the right.

Hallway. Washer and dryer are in a closet to the left.

Entrance. Immediate left is opening to garage, door on left is half bath, and opposite half bath is a nice size coat closet (and tornado shelter). :)

Living Room (excuse the mess!)

Dining Area

Bar- that's messy!

Kitchen with pantry

Another view of the living room- couch is on the right agains the wall.

Backyard with a nice hill for sledding!


Wigtons said...

Yay!!! I love the house! Wow. It looks so wonderful. I recognize all the furniture and miss seeing it everyday! :o( Glad you are getting all settled.

Meredith said...

Love seeing the pictures! Hope you're feeling more settled!

hughesfamily said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Very fun! (I also like the sit-n-spin in one of the pics!)! :)