Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Max Playing Upward Basketball

A couple of weekends ago Bailey and I drove to Paducah for the weekend to celebrate Caroline's 2nd birthday. On Saturday morning Max had his basketball game and we went to watch. It was adorable! He's now four years old and is getting so big! He was so excited that the whole family was there to watch. They turned out the lights and played "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!" They turn the spotlight on and call each player indvidually and they get to run out through the blow-up tunnel when their name is called. It's is precious! They had little cheerleaders too...that will be Bailey someday! Anyway, Max did a great job and we really enjoyed watching him play! I don't have pics yet of Caroline's birthday...but when I get them I'll post them. We had a great time at home...it's so nice to be around family!!! Max running out- but you can't really see him.

Little Buddy on the bench waiting his turn to go in! He's on the left side- second one from the end.

Auntie Amy and Bailey. She sat in her lap the whole time. What?!?! My child is NEVER still! I still think Amy put a spell on her. ;)

Yay Max! (action shot...ha!)

Amy, Mimi, Bailey, Laura, and Caroline...the birthday girl!

Bailey LOVES her Mimi!

His coach is helping him play by play.

I love my Max!

Miss Lauren and the girls. Bailey LOVES LOVES LOVES Lauren. And why wouldn't she?!?

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