Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bailey's Lovely Hairdo Courtesy of Daddy

Read what I wrote before you look at the pics. Funny story about B's hair. The front- looks okay...until she turns around!

Michael- "Does this look okay?"

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to fly down to Birmingham to visit friends. Michael's parents stayed with Bailey the majority of the time because Michael had to work and was on call. So blessed to have such wonderful in-laws! While I was there I was blasted for not updating my blog...so I promised I'd try and do better! :) (Yes, I'm talking to the Wigton's and Nicole. ha!)

My trip to B'ham was wonderful. I got to see so many great friends and it was just like old times. I stayed with Katie and Eric and they were wonderful hosts. This was my first time to EVER leave Bailey. Now, I've been away for a night here and there when grandparents wanted to keep her overnight..but I had never left the state on her. I thought I wouldn't really miss her much...but boy was I wrong. I missed that girl so much it hurt! I decided I could never leave her for a week and go vacation with just Michael. Can't do it yet...maybe when she's older...but not yet. It was great to have time away from her, but it was so weird because I missed my 24/7 job!

On Saturday Michael called me because he was going to take Bailey to church. (We usually go to church on Saturday nights- it's great!) Anyway, I told him what to put her in, what to put in her little bag, and I TRIED to tell him how to do her hair. The pictures explain themselves. Obviously this is not Dr. Faulkner's strong point... He texted me these pics and asked if they were okay. I laughed so hard I cried- ask Katie! I mean really? Have I EVER fixed her hair like that? I got a good laugh at poor Michael's expense. He did try hard and did the best he could. He's a great daddy to Bailey and husband to me. I love you Honey!!!

(pics soon to follow from by trip to B'ham)

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