Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Huntin' Easter Eggs!

Last Saturday HMA (Housestaff Medical Alliance) had their annual Easter Egg hunt at Meadowthorpe Park. We had a great time and Bailey got soooo much candy...she had a blast! We're still waiting for the warm weather to arrive though!

My sweet little devil of an angel! :)

Bailey, Julia, and Ellie climbing up the slide. They did this about 500 times.

She loves her little friends!

Lisa and Gus/Lars, Adair and her mother-in-law with Jack and Lucy!

Let the games begin!

So many eggs!

Possibly fighting over eggs. ha!

LOVE! Bailey and Adelyn hugging it out. After the pic, they fell down!

Impossible to get a group photo!

Jack & Lucy's first Easter Egg hunt!

The Rasmussen gals. Love them!

Bailey and Daddy having so much fun together.

Me and my girl!

Relaxing on the swing.

The Blomquist Family- Stav, Lisa, Gus and Lars

Super Mommy with Gus/Lars :)


One of my favorite pics of my two favorite people!

Bailey and Adelyn monkeying around!

Getting ready for the hunt!

She's still! Annie captivates her attention. :)

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The Laney Family said...

thanks for adding the cute pics of Jack and Lucy! Such a fun day! See ya'll soon! :)