Monday, May 2, 2011

Class pic and the Easter Bunny came!

Bailey has had a wonderful school year at Southland Christian Church's Great Escape program. I can't believe school will be out in three short weeks! She has been blessed with five amazing teachers who love the Lord and my baby girl! We will miss them as she moves on to three year old preschool in the fall.

More pics of Easter. Apparently the Easter Bunny thinks he's Santa Claus. Hmmm. I've attached a video from that morning...first time to do if it doesn't work it won't surprise me! I was bored and thought I'd try it out.The Zebra Class!

Checking out what te Easter Bunny brought her.

She LOVES this bunny my mom gave to ger.

For some reason she thinks she needs to close her eyes when I tell her to smile. That's my B!

I was unloading groceries from Wal-Mart and this is what Bailey did.

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Wigtons said...

Love the pics! Make sure Bailey doesn't tell Caroline what all the Easter Bunny brought her. Caroline will be jealous!! HAHA.