Friday, June 26, 2009

Random pictures

6 girls and a boy! The whole gang FINALLY together with all of our babies in tow! This was the first time we were all together with our little ones so we had to get a picture! So fun!
Left to right: Emily and Maggie, Brittnie and Alexis, me and Bailey, Ashley and Ellie, Megan and Will (Mac Daddy), Katie and Caroline, and Nicole and Lily
Last night we played bunco! I was the biggest "loser" so I got my $5 back. The new "interns" have just started at UAB so everyone has been promoted. Michael is now a 3rd year resident! We had several new ladies join us last night and it was fun meeting them and getting to know them. We had lots of fun and LOTS of laughs!!!! It's always a good time when it's just us girls!

BUSTED! Bailey jerked the marshmellows out of the lazy susan and started chowing down! We can't find a lock that fits it, so now we have to put a gate in front of hoosier!
Yummy! I did let her eat several...we all need our daily sugar fix! :)

Getting ready to go to Miss Amanda's baby shower. I can no longer put bows in her hair because she pulls them out and eats them. Hungry girl!

playing with her buddies- Anna and Jack

Miss Kyle and Madison. So sweet!

Sweet lil Anna playing with her dress!

Miss Melanie and Jack. Bailey and Jack are boyfriend/girlfriend. :)

Anna scooting over to her buddies...and as always, Bailey's got something in her mouth!

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Eric and Katie said...

Lovin' the pictures of Bailey with the marshmallows! Hilarious!