Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bye Bye Mr. Bogey

Bogey Grumley Braxton paying his respects to his big brother.
On Tuesday, July 14 we lost a beloved member of our family- Bogey Grumley. Bogey, aka Mr. Bogey, just turned 7 years old in June. He was a sweet black Toy Poodle that was given to my twin sister,Laura by her husband, Miller, as a wedding present 7 years ago this week. Mr. Bogey was also Tito's half brother- they had the same daddy. He was such a good dog that loved to give kisses, play, eat pacifiers, suck on his "binky", lay in laps, and most of all he loved playing with his little brother Braxton (their large Standard Poodle).
Mr. Bogey became very sick last week and his health deteriorated quickly. On Tuesday they had an appointment with a vet in St. Louis to see if they could treat him, but it was too late. We think Mr. Bogey had liver cancer. Fortunately, my sister and brother-in-law got to spend one last night with him and prep for a good-bye. He is now resting peacefully in the Grumley's yard and is up in Doggy Heaven. He was buried with Braxton's blanket, all of his toys, a soccer ball, Max's pacifier, and Laura's Mr. Towel.
I just pray for peace and know that time will heal this pain we are all feeling in our hearts. We will never forget Mr. Bogey and we will get to see him again one day in Heaven. Until then, he'll be busy sucking in binky's and playing with balls. RIP Mr. Bogey! Your Aunt Leah loves you and miss you!

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The Spann's said...

Leah! You are making me cry! How sad for your family!