Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We have the best friends ever here in B'ham!!!

Michael and I are so lucky and grateful to have made so many great friends here in Birmingham. They have been so supportive and thoughtful throughout these past couple of months. We seriously haven't had to cook dinner in almost a month! Our fridge is overflowing with food and my cell phone bill is almost double what it normally is...thanks to all of the phone calls. :)

My heart already sinks when I think of moving one day. I can't imagine life without all of my "new" girlfrends! God has really taken care of us and provided these great friendships. Thankfully we have at least two more years here...hopefully more if we match here for Cardiology!

Bailey is doing good...if you call Colic good. :) She's been rather fussy the past few days, but Michael and I are dealing with it better. Her Mimi and Granddaddy are coming on Friday and I might go back to Paducah with them for some extra help. Michael's going to study for Step 3 of his boards, so he probably won't miss us much! I'll take some new pictures soon because she is getting a little bigger day by day!

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