Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bailey's first shots!

Today Bailey went for her 2 month check up and received four shots and one vaccine taken by mouth. It was unbelievably hard to watch the nurse pin her down and stick her four times! Bailey was screaming bloody murder and her face was bright red! I wanted to cry...but I knew I had to hold it together.

Bailey weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and is now 20.5 inches long. She really is growing! Dr. Denton gave her a thorough exam and answered all of our million questions! Bailey has an umbilical hernia...which should go away on it's own by the time she's 7 or 8! It doesn't hurt her, but it isn't pretty to look at. Poor thing is going to have to wear a one piece swimming suit until it goes in. (I don't want other kids to make fun of her! :( ) Other than that, she is healthy!

She's been pretty fussy today because of her shots, but I just gave her some Tylenol so she's resting comfortably now. (Yes, I had to drug her because I had to get some things done!) Anyway, tonight should be a fun one...but hopefully she'll sleep like a little angel!

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