Saturday, March 6, 2010

A visit to the ER...

On Friday morning we finally had had enough and took Bailey straight to the ER. She slept all night-which was great- but she didn't have a wet diaper for the 13 hours while she was asleep. Also, she threw a MAJOR tantrum once she got out of her crib. She screamed for probably 30 minutes with no tears...and Dr. Daddy said, "Let's go."
We get to Children's ER and she got so worked up that she threw up all over herself, her daddy, and the nurse. :) Luckily, I was filling out paperwork when this occurred. So, long story short, we got her in there and they took one look at her and checked her vitals and said that was extremely dehydrated. So, they gave her a sub-q iv in her back because the little veins in her arm were too dehydrated and they blew when he tried to put the iv in there. Having the iv in her back was...awful! She was in lots of pain and couldn't get comfortable because she could feel the pressure of the fluids coming in her back. They also took a couple of x-rays of her belly to make sure there was no obstruction. Finally, after I pretty much begged the doctor to give her something to calm her stomach, they did- and it worked. (You have no idea of the odor in our little er room...unimaginable...that's all I'm gonna say.)
Once we got her tanked with fluids and medicine, we got to take her home. My parents, MiMi and Granddaddy, drove all the way down here to be with their baby- which was the perfect medicine! Today, Saturday, she is feeling so much better. She's not 100% by any means, but we're on the road to recovery I believe. We have to follow up with her pediatrician on Monday to make sure she's well hydrated, etc.
I do have a few quick tips/pointers/things to say... First off, I took Bailey to see her peds doctor last Thursday for diarrhea- about a week and half ago. She told me it's just viral and she'll be okay. Sunday she threw up for 12 hours and I called the doctor back. She said there's nothing they can do- it has to run it's course. Wednesday we called the doctor back and explained the horrible diarrhea Bailey was still having and they once again said just keep her hydrated and she'll be fine. WRONG!!! FYI- There IS something they can give for vomiting (Zofran) and there is something they can give for diarrhea (Levsin). Anyway, my point is, if you feel like your child is deathly ill- bypass your incompetent doctor's office and go the the ER where something can get done. If we weren't leaving in a few months I would leave Greenvale Pediatrics so fast it would make your head spin! I'm not a happy camper with them right now and thank goodness Michael can go with us on Monday because I have a feeling things may get a little heated! I don't like the fact that my baby was just "brushed off."
The pictures below show you how ill my baby was. If you know her, you know this is NOT like her. She's never still a minute! :)
On Wednesday- feeling lousy.

Her little belly was so distended. :(

Thursday- She was just moaning and groaning on the floor. Tito was trying to get her to play with him.

Saturday- feeling a lot better. MiMi went out and bought her some new shoes (and a hula hoop)and she wanted to try them on. She had her pj's on with the feet- so that's why she's naked. :) We are so thankful she's feeling better and we also thank MiMi & Gdaddy for coming to help take care of her! The perfect medicine!


hughesfamily said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary. I am glad she is getting a little better! She has pretty good grandparents, huh??

The Laney Family said...

i'm so glad she is feeling better leah...what a wild ride! i bet you were a little put off my your DR. and rightfully so! Hope to see ya'll soon...have fun with the grandparents! :)

The Alexanders said...

I am so sorry that yall had to go through all that. So glad that she is feeling better.

Meredith said...

How scary! Glad she's doing better!