Sunday, March 14, 2010

Under Contract!

Yes, our house is officially under contract! I still can't believe it...but it is! With all of the inactivity we've had on our house I thought for sure we'd move to Lexington and still own a house in B'ham. I am obviously thrilled and relieved that someone is going to buy our house!

So, last Sunday...a week ago today...I got hit with that viscious stomach bug that Bailey had. It was awful, but I survived. :) Michael's wonderful parents came down and took care of Bailey while I laid in the bed until Wednesday. I also owe a huge "thanks" to Worth Bowers for coming over and giving me iv fluids to get hydrated again. It's so nice to have doctor friends!

Anyway, last Monday our agent called about 11:30 am and said that the girl that had looked at our house a week ago wants to come back for a second look 3:30 pm. So, somehow I drug my sick body out of bed, took a shower, and got my room cleaned up. Michael and his parents cleaned the rest of our house and it looked awesome! My realtor said to make sure that my house didn't smell like Lysol. ha! ha! (They obviously didn't know my house was infested with the stomach bug germs!) Long story short, this girl was at our house FOREVER and I was dying to just get back in bed. We didn't hear anything that afternoon, but Sally, my amazing realtor, called Tuesday and said that the girl is going to make an offer. Yay! We finally got an offer that afternoon and it was RIDICULOUS!!!! I didn't think it was going to work because she pretty much wanted our house for free...seriously. However, after a few days of counter offering, both parties reached an agreement!

If all goes well we are closing on April 30 and she will take possession of our house on May 3. Michael and I have to find some sort of temporary housing for the remaining 8 weeks that we'll be here. I'm thinking we'll move into corporate housing that's furnished and ship our entire house to Lexington and move it into a storage unit. STRESS!!!! But, I'll take this stress over the stress of having not sold our house by time we leave. :)

All I can say is God is so good! He is so faithful and does provide! What a mighty God we serve!


Meredith said...

That's so great!! Sorry you were sick, but glad you're doing better :)

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