Friday, August 14, 2009

Playing Around

This past weekend my sister and her family came to visit. We had lots of fun being together. They also brought their new puppy "Ozzie". I wish I had taken more pictures...but things were a little crazy! :) Yesterday I took Bailey over to Aldridge Gardens to see the ducks and walk around. She had a blast, but it was so HOT! I kept worrying about her stepping in all of the goose pooh! That night, Michael and his friend, Ben, went to play tennis. Melanie and I went along and brought Bailey and Jack. They had so much fun running around the tennis courts, chasing each other, and getting in their daddy's way! Jack and Bailey playinng peek-a-boo!
So cute together!

We'll have to show these pictures at their wedding! ;)

Bailey getting in the way of daddy's tennis game....chillin' drinking her water.

Totally oblivious...but she only got smacked by a tennis ball once. :(

She was amazed at this little plaque at Aldridge for whatever reason.
Petting the steel ducky.

It's soooo hot, but at least I have water!

Sweet cousins! The love each other!

Sweet Caroline...such an angel!

My new nephdog- Ozzie

How cute is this little face?!?

Bailey tugging at my shorts because she wants me to pick her up. These days I can't seem to get much done when she's awake! She wants her mama 24/7.

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Eric and Katie said...

Very cute pictures!!! I feel like I never see you anymore since I went back to work. Boo!