Friday, October 31, 2008

5 Months Old... and sick

Happy 5 Month Birthday to ME!
I love/hate being on my belly :)

This is the usual night time ritual. Daddy and Bailey fall asleep together.

Going for a walk

Ginger, Brantley, me, Bailey, Ashley and Ellie...hangin' out at Aunt Katie's!
I FINALLY got her letters hung...all by myself!

For some reason the jumperoo puts her to sleep. I don't think she finds it too exciting yet.

Bailey and Tito napping together. Tito fell asleep when he realized Bailey wasn't going to throw him his ball.
I can't believe Bailey is already 5 months old! She is getting to be a big girl at 12 pounds 15 ounces! Poor thing is sick right now. We have had a LONG week to say the least. In the wee hours of early Wednesday morning we took Bailey to Children's Hospital ER. She cried nonstop for 5 hours...literally screaming to the point where she made her self throw up 3 times. Michael and I were at our wits end and couldn't figure out what was we went to the hospital. They did all kinds of things to my poor baby- poked, prodded, x-rayed, and etc. Long story short, she had an ear infection. She's now on an antibiotic and feeling a little better. Michael and I got no sleep the night we went to the ER and the night after that we had to take turns holding her because she cried every time we put her down. Thankfully, last night she slept great. All I can say is having a sick baby is THE WORST thing in the world! I hope and pray she's stays sanity can't take much more! :)

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