Thursday, July 22, 2010

We do exist!!!

Whew...July has been a BUSY month! We FINALLY got to move into our new house in Lexington- and LOVE it! Bailey is doing wonderful! She keeps saying "new house" and "new room." Michael is liking his Cards much as he can. :) We have met some really nice friends and I've gone to several playdates and a bunco! Just like JCRMA in B'ham, we have an alliance here in Lexington too! The only thing missing is Side by Side and CMMA! :( We're excited though about our church and hope to get involved and meet some great friends there.

I pretty much had our house unpacked in about 2 days. Those of you who know me know how anal I am! I can't stand a mess...even though the house is still a mess...but I'm living with it. My parents are coming Saturday and my mom is going to help me decorate!

Bailey and I have been going to a fun pool in Lexington. It's got a huge pool with a big slide, two diving boards, and zero entry. And, they have a whole seperate kids pool- it's awesome! It's got a little mini park in the water and Bailey loves it!

I am so glad this whole move is over and life can resume to normal! Come and visit- we have plenty of room!


Wigtons said...

Love all the pics. Post some pics of the house!! Looks nice from the background of the pics! Miss y'all A LOT!

hughesfamily said...

It's beautiful looking!! So exciting! We miss you here!!