Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mommy & Me Class

Today Bailey and I went to our second "Mommy & Me" gymnastics class. It's not really gymnastics...it's more or less playtime at the Kid's Gym in Vestavia. Miss Wendy, her teacher, has a few "structured" moments in the class, but for the most part she's running around like a crazy person! She loves this place and I do to!

Miss Wendy helping Bailey walk on the balance beam.

She LOVES the slide!

But, probably loves the trampoline more!

Bailey's sweet friend, Bella. They are almost exactly the same age.

Riding the track on a battery powered car. She wasn't too sure of it.

So, she decided to jump off while the car was still going and give Miss Wendy a heart attack! My child is FEARLESS!

Bailey and one of her classmates rocking on the boat.

Wee- so fun!

Having some lunch after such a fun morning.

Laura, Max, Lauren & Hunter came down this past Saturday to go see 101 Dalmations at the BJCC. Laura got such a deal- 5 tickets for $5! So, they had to make the long trip from Paducah to Birmingham to see the wonderful Broadway show! (They are getting ready to go back to KY in this pic.) boo hoo.

Lauren & Hunter...notice the lady in the background...she was coming to scold me for taking pictures! No cameras were allowed- whoops!

Laura & my buddy, Max. He had such a good time and sat in my lap for some of the show. Corella really scared him. :(

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hughesfamily said...

These were awesome! You got such good shots. I love the one of her jumping off of the car!