Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playing in the Park!

Today Michael and I took Bailey to Veteran's Park to swing! She had so much much fun that swinging her made her very drowsy! The kid also came out in Michael as he swung in the swing next to Bailey. :) We had a good time enjoying the warm weather and sunshine today.
Wee! Yes, she has a bruise on her head. It's been there for a week now and seems to keep getting darker and darker. Who knows!

She's starting to sink back in the swing...getting sleepy.
She was more interested in the little girl swinging next to her.
Bailey and daddy swinging. Not to mention Michael almost knocked out the kid who walked behind him!
Not too sure about the slide.
Chillin' in my stroller!
She's worked up an appetite after all of that playing! My sweet baby girl!!!

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Eric and Katie said...

Super cute pictures!!! She is getting sooooo big. I guess I don't realize it b/c I see her all the time. She looks so tall in these pictures!!