Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random December pictures

JCRMA Dirty Santa party
Ginger, Nicole, Kyle, me, Katie, Christy (everyone else took off before I could a pic.)
It got kinda ugly....but we're all still friends! ;)
Yes, Bailey is teething...she's drooling all the time now.

Max on Thanksgiving morning. He had the worst case of bed head which was too cute!

Bailey getting ready for her bath. She LOVES getting naked!!!

Eating the flower on her exersaucer is her favorite thing to do!

Drying off after her bath.

Mom, this is private!

Daddy feeding Bailey his banana split sucker...she only got a few licks! :)

First time eating baby food. She ate squash and it went better than expected!

Yum, this isn't so bad...especially with mommy making all these funny noises to entertain me!

Busted! She loves going after Tito's nasty toys!

Got it! But, only for a second until mommy took it away.

I love my baby girl!!! I promise she does smile...she just hates the camera I think.

December has greeted Bailey with lots of milestones! She is now eating babyfood and scooting around everywhere! If I take my eyes off of her for a second, she's gone! At her 6 month appointment she weighed 14.7 pounds. She got 5 shots and one oral vaccine, which was so not fun! Bailey and I were in Paducah the first week of December and we'll go back for the week of Christmas. She loves her Grandaddy and Mimi...especially her Grandaddy though. He wags her around everywhere!!! Michael's been on call every fourth night, so Bailey and I have had lots of alone time. We look forward to January where he has a little less hectic schedule.

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