Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Baby!

Bailey, Margaret, Ellie and Anna. It was hard trying to get them all to be still and look at the same camera. All three of them, excluding Bailey, were born within a couple of weeks of each other...Anna and Ellie just four days!
Josiah and Bailey. He was a "lady's man" that day b/c he was the only boy there...and he's also a little over a year old.

Once again all the girls. I had to put Bailey on the end b/c she kept trying to roll over on everyone.

To the left-Cary and Margaret on the mat, Ashley's in the chair feeding Ellie, Josiah's just walkin around chillin', and Bailey's rolling around on the floor.

When we arrived Bailey decided she wanted to feed herself...however, it didn't really happen b/c it kept falling out of her hands.

This pic is for my mom...she bought Bailey this poodle outfit and she wanted a picture of her in here's the back side and below is the front side!
Bailey and I went to our first Oh Baby! get together this past Monday morning at Laura Leigh's house. This is one of the events JCRMA does each month. She had fun playing with her four other friends: Anna, Ellie, Margaret, and Josiah. We had a great time and it was nice to hang out with other mom's that are going through the same thing! There was lots of crying, eating, pooping, and peeing needles to say!!! However, she loves her new friends!

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Chris and Sarah said...

I wish we still lived in Birmingham! Kate would love to hang out with those fun girls. :)Hope you're doing well...we're getting in the swing of things but every day is so different! We need to catch up soon.